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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are my consumer rights?
2.  How do I know that you are a licensed and legitimate company?
3.  Why does it take more than a day to get a quote?  
4.  Why do I need to sign a contract or an estimate?  
5.  What happens if I change my mind after signing a contract?
6.  Why do I have to put a deposit down?
7.  How long does it take before you are done?
8.  What is done to ensure that you are an environmentally responsible company?
9.  What if I am not satisfied with the finished product?
10.  What if I am not able to pay when payment is due?


1.  Information about your rights as a consumer and homeowner can be found at these links: 
http://www.dca.ca.gov/publications/guide/index.shtml                                            http://www.cslb.ca.gov/

2.  We understand that this is a big investment and not to be taken lightly and thatís why we supply referrals upon request and make our company as transparent as possible. To verify the status of a contractorís license, just visit the California State License Board website:           

3.  Most quotes can be given over the phone and provide you with a broad estimate of costs. Every project is unique and customized to fit each customerís needs, therefore it usually takes at least one day or longer based on any documents or drawings that need to be submitted.

4.  As the customer, you can do anything you want, but itís in the best interest of both parties involved to put any business transaction down in writing.  This provides clear communication between you and the person performing the work and can help with issues that may arise later.

5.  You have 3 business days from the date of your signed contract/estimate to cancel and would be entitled to a full refund.  However, after the 3 days you may be charged certain fees.  (Read your terms and conditions)

6.  A deposit secures your commitment  to the product, or the project you are purchasing, along with the monetary costs and scheduling associated with that product or project. By law you are only required to give 10% of the total cost or $1000.00, whatever price is less.   However, in order to execute our estimates or contracts,  we typically require 30% of the total cost for materials and labor.  Unlike other trades in which raw materials can be re-used or sold back to manufacturers, the custom products we provide are built exclusively to meet your needs and cannot be returned or resold. 

7.  A time line for each project varies, but we will work with you every step of the way to make sure your needs are meet and that all work is done in a timely manor.

8.  MP Custom Metal is a proactive company in the recycling and re-use of metal products.  We strive to make steps that will improve us as being an environmentally sound company.

9.  We will discuss your concerns and together come up with  viable and sound solutions.  Most products supplied are made to be as functional and visually pleasing as possible. MP Custom Metal strives to blend these two needs together and create  great products that enhance their surroundings.

10.  That can be a challenging dilemma with sometimes serious consequences.  But lets not freak out yet.  Keep an open line of communication with us and we can find a payment plan to fit your needs.    

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